How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Weight loss is on everyone’s mind these days. But, there are a few lucky people out there who fail to put on weight, even after having a high-calorie diet. Now, it is essential to note that difference between being skinny and being undernourished. There are several causes for being naturally skinny, like having a faster metabolism, being physically active, etc. On the other hand, sometimes a person loses weight due to some illness or on undergoing any surgical procedure. Whatever the reason, if you are trying to gain weight, it is essential to do it in a healthy way.

Tips to Gain Weight Healthily

Most of us think eating large amounts of food, specially, fatty junk food is the only way to increase your weight. This is untrue! Some people do not gain weight even after having regular and adequate meals. However, if you are among those few people and are thinking of gaining weight, then there are some tips that you need to consider.

Firstly, in order to gain weight, you need to consume foods that have higher calories. But, the sources of these calories should be healthy.

You should not rely on fatty and greasy foods as they can result in increasing the cholesterol levels of the body, which are unhealthy. Therefore, gorging on a pizza or cheeseburger every day is a total no-no.

Rather, try including good sources of fats like nuts, olives, olive oil, fatty fish like salmon, cream-based soups, etc. in your diet.

Foods in your daily diet should have proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. You should have foods that have high amounts of carbohydrates and proteins; and low amounts of fats.

Beverages, soft drinks, contain empty calories and are not good for health. Skip sodas and chilled drinks and include fruits juices and vegetable soups in your diet in order to gain weight.

You should avoid having beverages or fruit 1 hour before meals as they tend to suppress appetite.

Lastly, in order to gain weight, you should avoid starvation and eat often (5-6 small and healthy meals per day).

Foods for Weight Gain
With these tips, you must also be looking for foods to be included in the weight gain diet. The following is a list of foods that you can consume to gain weight the healthy way.

Fruits and Vegetables
Carbohydrate content in fruits and vegetables provide the necessary energy and help in weight gain. Include broccoli, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onion, peas, beans; and fruits like banana, pears, plums, almonds, peanuts, chestnuts, apricots, avocado, etc. in your diet. You can have fruit juices, dried fruits, vegetable salads with dressing made with cream or cheese, etc. as they contain a high amount of calories.

Dairy Products
All dairy products are rich sources of proteins and also contain calories. But, they also contain high amounts of fats. Fortunately there are fat-free versions available which are safer to consume. You can have a cup of milk or a cup of yogurt regularly to get all the essential calories. On the other hand, you can add low-fat butter, peanut butter, almond butter, soy cheese, feta cheese, etc. to your sandwiches and salads to gain weight quickly.

Meat and Poultry
As mentioned above, certain fatty fish contain good fats and hence, are safe to consume. You can eat fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, lake trout and sardines which contain the necessary calories. Similarly, egg dishes, lean meats, grilled or boiled chicken are also healthy food options.

Whole wheat flour contains carbohydrates and right amount of calories. You can eat products made from whole wheat flour, rice, pasta, corn, peas, potatoes, etc., to gain weight in a healthy manner. You can even have dried fruits and nuts, flax seeds, all kinds of beans like soy beans, kidney beans, etc. for the same.

Desserts made from powdered milk or condensed milk are safe to eat. Secondly, you can have dark chocolate as it contains antioxidants. For snacking, you can have nuts, granola with nuts, a bowl of berries with yogurt; or baked and fat-free cookies; pretzels, smoothies, fruit salad, etc.

Following these tips can definitely help in a healthy weight gain. If you wish to include nutritional supplements in your diet, make sure you consult the doctor before taking the same. Lastly, note that this write-up is meant for informational purposes. Any major changes in the diet should be made only on consulting the doctor. Take care!