Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks

Breastfeeding refers to feeding a baby with breast milk by opting skin-to-skin contact position. The health benefits are incomparable to the other options of feeding the baby. Breast milk contains the right proportion of nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth and development of the baby. It is the healthiest form of milk for a baby. Furthermore, there is no other substitute or baby food that can replace breast milk, in terms of its nutritional value.

Apart from the baby, breastfeeding also provides certain benefits for the mother. As per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), a mother should continue exclusive feeding of breast milk for the first six months after childbirth. Nevertheless, certain problems may occur during the period of nursing the baby. However, following certain tips and tricks, would make it easier and comfortable for both the mother and the baby.

Tips and Tricks

This is a comfortable activity, but there are several aspects that a new mother needs to know about it. As a new mother, one might be unaware of the convenient holding position of the baby while feeding, which in turn could irritate the newborn as well. The mother should be relaxed, and feel confident about her choice. Here are some important tips for new mothers.

Start Early
The earlier one starts feeding the baby, the sooner one would learn the right method. Hence, consider holding and feeding the baby in the delivery room as soon as possible. The guidance of a lactation consultant can be taken in terms of nursing and breast care. The feeding of the newborn with breast milk, should begin within the first hour after childbirth.

Feed the Colostrum
Colostrum, a sticky and yellowish milk, which is secreted during or towards the end of pregnancy is rich in antibodies and immunoglobulins. Feeding colostrum to the newborn helps in promoting the immune system and also, in excreting the first stool (meconium) after birth. It is often considered as giving the first vaccination of life.

Breastfeeding Position
Being in the motherhood stage, it is necessary to learn the right feeding position. Furthermore, the position should be comfortable. One should always support the back while sitting or lying down to feed the baby. Also, one needs to support the baby with the hand while feeding, rather than bending down or lowering the breast. As the baby is being fed, a tingling sensation would be felt that would mark the release of breast milk. Make sure to breastfeed from both breasts at each feeding.

Dealing with Breast Soreness
Tenderness and/or soreness of the breasts is commonly manifested during the first week of feeding. This condition would subside slowly, as the milk starts flowing from the breasts. However, in case of pain, one should consult a lactation consultant.

Breast Pumps
One of the factors that could pose a hindrance is managing office work, and the baby at the same time. The tips for working moms include the use of breast pumps that are available in baby care centers. Depending upon the frequency of pumping, one could opt for either the manual-operated or electric-operated breast pumps. One can seek the advice of a lactation consultant in order to buy the best product suiting one’s lifestyle.

Six Months and Longer
As already mentioned, exclusive nursing for six months is a must for the baby’s health. After the baby turns six months old, continue feeding with breast milk, along with supplemental diets like baby formula and semi-solid foods. Overall, it should be done till the child becomes 1½ – 2 years old.

An experienced mother would be able to help with tips and tricks for successful nursing of the baby. With the growing popularity of feeding breast milk, four out of every five moms breastfeed their baby in the United States. As more mothers become aware about the benefits, it is becoming a conventional trend of motherhood. Eventually, the forthcoming generation will be healthy and strong.

Helpful Tips on Raising Quails Effectively

Quails are small-sized terrestrial birds that originated from thePhasianidae family. These medium-sized birds comprise numerous species of which some of them are bred and raised on a large-scale. Depending on the quail species, they differ in their appearance, which gives the breeder a variety to choose from. These little plump birds have become popular in cookery as their eggs have good amount of nutrition value. In early times these birds were mostly used for hunting purposes and now they are mainly used for food. Raising and hatching quail eggs is not an easy task and must be done with complete dedication. Well raised quails can prove profitable. However, improper care can lead to many problems. Before considering the idea of bringing up quails, it is important to think of the space, cost and materials that are required to bring up these plump birds. In case you are planning to breed quails then you must make yourself aware about the bird’s health issues, growth rate and the size of the flock. So, read through the tips on how to raise these birds, to start your own mini quail farming.

Bringing Up Quails

Selecting the Right Flock
Quails must be well selected before starting the breeding process. The birds must be of the similar size and must weigh normal. A 60 day old quail will weigh around 120 g while a 30-35 old will weigh about 100 g. Therefore, before bringing in the quails choose the appropriate flock so that breeding becomes a risk free process. Before purchasing the flock go through the medical or family record to understand the growth rate and also to predict any future health issues. If you are a beginner then purchase less quails but the ratio of females to males should be more. Males tend to easily breed with females and within 6 weeks a female quail is ready to lay eggs. These eggs can be consumed after 4-5 weeks.

Housing for Quails
Also consider the cost of the cage that you will need for the quails. These are medium-sized but plump birds, so, they require sufficient space to move around. You can either purchase a cage, which has a strong base or build it with plywood, mesh wire and lumber. Construct a big cage which would provide the birds with sufficient space and comfort as they grow. In case the flock is big, build or purchase layered cages so that you can accommodate the birds well.

Setting up Brooders
Brooders are boxes which has an inbuilt bulb and provides shelter to the newborn chicks. Brooder boxes keep the chicks warm until they develop feathers. Ventilation of air is important to prevent the brooder from getting too warm. After 10 days, the chicks can be brought out and kept under room temperature. Spread layers of newspapers on the cage flooring so that it can absorb the droppings of the bird. Newspapers can be easily rolled up and disposed off, which makes cleaning easy.

Quail Diet
To assure healthy quails, it is essential to feed them a high protein diet. Feed a proper balanced diet to your birds to assure their healthy life. Small insects and seeds are among the bird’s favorite foods. However, if you are raising these birds for food purposes then wheat seed and greens are healthy food constituents for quails.

These tips on how to raise quails are effective and will make their care easy for you. However, it is preferred to build the cage slightly above the ground so that the birds stay unharmed from predators. Also, water and food must be clean and clear of dirt and must be fresh to consume. The occupation of bringing up quails for any purpose, requires dedication and knowledge to gain maximum benefits.

Yoga Mudras for Good Health

When one talks about yoga, one is talking about three aspects, namely; physical, mental and spiritual. In yoga, there are asanas and mudras, which when, loosely translated mean exercises and hand gestures, respectively. As there are different asanas for maintaining health and vitality, there are certain mudras, which help in this endeavor as well.

When one is practicing mudras, for a substantial amount of time, the benefits that the mudras offer are visible. The mudras help in generating, redirecting and recharging the energies of the force, which governs the body. It is with the mudras, that one is able to establish a link between the physical, pranic and mental body. They help in awakening the different pranas, chakras and kundalini located in the body.

Mudras in Yoga and their Benefits
Although mudras are a part of yoga, they can be practiced independently without the asanas. The beauty of this science is that they can be done when one is sitting, standing or sleeping in bed; however, they are performed either in vajrasana, padmasana or sukhasana. There is no specific time that needs to be followed for most of the mudras; however, the results are best, when they are practiced on an empty stomach, early in the morning.

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Weight loss is on everyone’s mind these days. But, there are a few lucky people out there who fail to put on weight, even after having a high-calorie diet. Now, it is essential to note that difference between being skinny and being undernourished. There are several causes for being naturally skinny, like having a faster metabolism, being physically active, etc. On the other hand, sometimes a person loses weight due to some illness or on undergoing any surgical procedure. Whatever the reason, if you are trying to gain weight, it is essential to do it in a healthy way.

Tips to Gain Weight Healthily

Most of us think eating large amounts of food, specially, fatty junk food is the only way to increase your weight. This is untrue! Some people do not gain weight even after having regular and adequate meals. However, if you are among those few people and are thinking of gaining weight, then there are some tips that you need to consider.

Firstly, in order to gain weight, you need to consume foods that have higher calories. But, the sources of these calories should be healthy.

You should not rely on fatty and greasy foods as they can result in increasing the cholesterol levels of the body, which are unhealthy. Therefore, gorging on a pizza or cheeseburger every day is a total no-no.

Rather, try including good sources of fats like nuts, olives, olive oil, fatty fish like salmon, cream-based soups, etc. in your diet.

Foods in your daily diet should have proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. You should have foods that have high amounts of carbohydrates and proteins; and low amounts of fats.

Beverages, soft drinks, contain empty calories and are not good for health. Skip sodas and chilled drinks and include fruits juices and vegetable soups in your diet in order to gain weight.

You should avoid having beverages or fruit 1 hour before meals as they tend to suppress appetite.

Lastly, in order to gain weight, you should avoid starvation and eat often (5-6 small and healthy meals per day).

Foods for Weight Gain
With these tips, you must also be looking for foods to be included in the weight gain diet. The following is a list of foods that you can consume to gain weight the healthy way.

Fruits and Vegetables
Carbohydrate content in fruits and vegetables provide the necessary energy and help in weight gain. Include broccoli, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onion, peas, beans; and fruits like banana, pears, plums, almonds, peanuts, chestnuts, apricots, avocado, etc. in your diet. You can have fruit juices, dried fruits, vegetable salads with dressing made with cream or cheese, etc. as they contain a high amount of calories.

Dairy Products
All dairy products are rich sources of proteins and also contain calories. But, they also contain high amounts of fats. Fortunately there are fat-free versions available which are safer to consume. You can have a cup of milk or a cup of yogurt regularly to get all the essential calories. On the other hand, you can add low-fat butter, peanut butter, almond butter, soy cheese, feta cheese, etc. to your sandwiches and salads to gain weight quickly.

Meat and Poultry
As mentioned above, certain fatty fish contain good fats and hence, are safe to consume. You can eat fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, lake trout and sardines which contain the necessary calories. Similarly, egg dishes, lean meats, grilled or boiled chicken are also healthy food options.

Whole wheat flour contains carbohydrates and right amount of calories. You can eat products made from whole wheat flour, rice, pasta, corn, peas, potatoes, etc., to gain weight in a healthy manner. You can even have dried fruits and nuts, flax seeds, all kinds of beans like soy beans, kidney beans, etc. for the same.

Desserts made from powdered milk or condensed milk are safe to eat. Secondly, you can have dark chocolate as it contains antioxidants. For snacking, you can have nuts, granola with nuts, a bowl of berries with yogurt; or baked and fat-free cookies; pretzels, smoothies, fruit salad, etc.

Following these tips can definitely help in a healthy weight gain. If you wish to include nutritional supplements in your diet, make sure you consult the doctor before taking the same. Lastly, note that this write-up is meant for informational purposes. Any major changes in the diet should be made only on consulting the doctor. Take care!